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summaryThe New York Times features a variety of articles discussing topics such as the upcoming US elections, political opinions, and social issues. Some highlights include:

1. The Democratic Candidate is not important anymore – Tressie McMillan Cottom argues that regardless of who becomes the Democratic candidate, Americans have already lost due to the polarizing nature of the election process.
2. This Is What Elite Failure Looks Like – Oren Cass discusses the failures of elites in the US and how this impacts the general population.
3. Joe Biden's Blind Spot – Maureen Dowd explores Joe Biden's blind spot as he prepares to run for president.
4. Welcome to Stucktopia – Hillary Kelly examines the state of America today, with people feeling stuck and unable to move forward.
5. Meet the Followers of Martin Luther King Jr. in the West Bank – Nicholas Kristof highlights the followers of Martin Luther King Jr. in the West Bank, who are working towards equality and justice.
6. How Joining a Scottish Softball Team Cured My American Loneliness – Ken Ilgunas shares his personal experience with overcoming loneliness by joining a softball team in Scotland.
7. Why Biden Is Unlikely to Defy the Naysayers – Ross Douthat discusses Joe Biden's chances of defying the naysayers and becoming a successful president.
8. Miracle Whip, Onboarding, and the Wonders of the English Language – John McWhorter explores the wonders of the English language through common phrases like "onboarding" and "Miracle Whip".
9. Americas Virulent Anti-Vaccine Lies – David Wallace-Wells delves into the prevalence of anti-vaccine misinformation in America.
10. President Biden and the Lord Almighty – Frank Bruni discusses Joe Biden's faith and how it may impact his presidency if elected.

In other news, recent drownings at New York City beaches have not deterred visitors from enjoying the water, with three and four drowning deaths reported this season, already matching last year's total of swimming deaths.
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descriptionLive news, investigations, opinion, photos and video by the journalists of The New York Times from more than 150 countries around the world. Subscribe for coverage of U.S. and international news, politics, business, technology, science, health, arts, sports and more.
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