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summaryEconomic Liberties promotes the idea of dismantling concentrated economic power by engaging with policymakers, the media, and various stakeholders. The organization works collaboratively to ensure that all individuals have access to economic liberty. Join the American Economic Liberties Project for a discussion on how state and local officials can utilize reform antitrust policy to combat corporate power.
titleAmerican Economic Liberties Project
descriptionThe American Economic Liberties Project is fighting to realize economic liberty for all, in support of a secure, inclusive democratic society.
keywordsliberties, monopoly, news, power, more, policy, join, anti, press, work, thinking, trade, democracy, full, careers, team, events
upstreams eff.org
downstreams actblue.com, twitter.com, nytimes.com, democracyjournal.org, nbcnews.com, vice.com, thenation.com, flickr.com

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