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summaryCustom version of Firefox is designed to prioritize user privacy, security, and freedom over the default browser. It allows users to modify settings according to their preferences, ensuring a more tailored browsing experience. Some of its key features include:

1. Enhanced Privacy Protection: Custom versions of Firefox often have stronger privacy measures than the standard browser. This may include private browsing mode, automatic deletion of cookies and cache, and better control over tracking by third-party websites.
2. Advanced Security Features: These custom browsers can offer advanced security tools such as built-in ad blockers, password managers, and secure browsing options to protect user data and personal information.
3. Freedom from Big Tech: By using a custom version of Firefox, users can avoid being locked into the terms of service of popular tech companies like Google and Microsoft. This offers more control over the technology they use.
4. Customizable Interface: Users can modify the look and feel of their Firefox browser by adding themes, changing fonts, and adjusting settings to better suit their preferences.
5. Accessibility Options: Custom versions may include accessibility features for visually impaired users, such as customizable color schemes, screen reader compatibility, and text-to-speech functionality.
6. Community Support: Many custom Firefox versions are developed and maintained by communities of dedicated users who work together to improve the browser's performance and security. This allows for a more personalized experience tailored to individual needs.
7. Compatibility with Extensions: Custom Firefox versions often support a wide range of third-party extensions, allowing users to extend the capabilities of their browser beyond what is available in the standard version.

Overall, a custom version of Firefox offers users greater control over their browsing experience, prioritizing privacy and security while providing flexibility and customization options.
descriptionA custom version of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.
downstreams codeberg.org, matrix.to, reddit.com, lemmy.ml, duckduckgo.com, searx.be, qwant.com, mozilla.org

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