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summaryAmazon centers of operations (COs) will participate in the Christmas campaign and prepare hundreds of these solidarity boxes for vulnerable people.

Note: It's unclear what the "Centros de operaciones de Amazon" refers to, but it could be translated as Amazon warehouses or fulfillment centers. In this context, the statement appears to refer to a program where these COs are involved in distributing support packages during Christmas. The phrase "centas de cestas solidarias para personas en situaciĆ³n de vulnerabilidad" translates to "hundreds of these solidarity boxes for vulnerable people". This suggests that Amazon is using its resources, such as warehouse space and labor, to distribute essential items or services to those in need during the holiday season.
titleAbout Amazon Espana
descriptionAt Amazon we are guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competition focus, passion for innovation, commitment to logistics excellence and long-term thinking.
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